IM2020 was the first virtual International Meeting, organised by the Oughtred Society.
Video's of the presentations are online. Proceedings are published in de Journal of the Oughtred Society.

IM2020 was de eerste virtuele International Meeting, georganiseerd door de Oughtred Society.
Video's van de presentations zijn online beschikbaar. De Proceedings worden gepubliceerd in de Journal of the Oughtred Society.

  1. Introductions, everyone.
  2. The Rocket Science behind the Martin Space Rule, Will Marchant.
  3. A Smoking Gun: The Gilson-Richardson Connection, John Runnels.
  4. People and Slide Rules IM2020, Peter Hopp.
  5. An Instrument Found at a Flea Market – The K&E Cavalry Sketching Case, Paul McConnell.
  6. The Dundee Coronary Risk Disk, a Logistic Regression Instrument, Simon van der Salm.
  7. Computing Before Electronics, Creating a Short Course on the History of Calculating Techniques, Harold Frost.
  8. The Mather & Platt Fire Sprinkler Slide Rule, Stefan Heimann.
  9. Relating Slide Rule Accuracy to Log Scale Length, John Heywood.
  10. Three Unusual Slide Rules for Aircraft Tracking, Karl Kleine.
  11. Yamayo Measuring Slide Rule, Jose Fernández.

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