International Groups and Activities

Who and Where

More than 1000 slide rule collectors are known world-wide. Looking at the number of buyers on internet (at eBay and dealers), there must be many thousands of other interested people. Some of them are organised in country- or language-focused groups, but others are more ‘lone hunters’.
At the moment, 6 groups of slide rule collectors are known, with the observation that some individuals belong to more than one group.

International Meetings

IM Challenge drum
The organisers of an IM pass the “IM Challenge drum

Since 1995, an “International Meeting for Slide Rule Collectors” (IM) has been organised every year in Europe.
Each IM is organised by collectors from one country. The programme consists as a rule of a swap fair, presentations by and to collectors, and ample opportunity for social events and talking with old and new collector friends.
Proceedings have been published during each IM, documenting all presentations given.
Old Proceedings can be accessed via Rod Lovett's Literature Search.

For most IM Proceedings, it is possible to order back-copies, for prices around € 20, excluding shipping costs. ask for more information.

The following IM's have been held until now:

Cover Contents Year   Location Country Supplementary
2024 online meeting
Netherlands 21/22 September 2024
IM2023 Final Schedule 2023 online meeting USA
IM2022 Final Schedule 2022 online meeting USA
2021 online meeting Germany
contents 2020 online meeting USA
IM2019 Proceedings cover IM2019 Proceedings contents 2019 The Hague /
Netherlands Proceedings
IM2018 Proceedings cover IM2018 Proceedings contents 2018 Stratford-upon-Avon England Proceedings
Report on IM2018
IM2017 Proceedings cover IM2017 Proceedings contents 2017 Bonn Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2017
IM2016 Proceedings cover IM2016 Proceedings contents 2016 Trento Italy Proceedings
IM2015 Proceedings cover IM2015 Proceedings contents 2015 Burlingame, CA USA Proceedings
IM2014 Proceedings cover IM2014 Proceedings contents 2014 Delft Netherlands Proceedings
IM2013 Proceedings Cover Contents
pag. 1
pag. 2
2013 Berlin Germany Proceedings
IM2012 Proceedings cover IM2012 Proceedings contents 2012 Bletchley Park England Proceedings
IM2011 Proceedings cover IM2011 Proceedings contents 2011 Boston, MIT USA Proceedings
Report on IM2011
IM2010 Proceedings cover IM2010 Proceedings contents 2010 Leiden Netherlands Proceedings
Report on IM2010
Greifswald Symposium (log) IM2009 Greifswald Symposium (log) 2009 contents 2009 Greifswald Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2009
Greifswald Symposium (mech) IM2009 Greifswald Symposium (mech) 2009 2009 Greifswald Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2009
IM2008 Proceedings IM2008 Proceedings Contents 2008 Leamington Spa England Proceedings
Report on IM2008
IM2007 Proceedings IM2007 2007 Lelystad,
Netherlands Proceedings
Report on IM2007
IM2006 Proceedings IM2006 2006 Greifswald Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2006
IM2006 Proceedings IM2006 2 2006 Greifswald Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2006
IM2005 Proceedings IM2005 2005 Cambridge England Proceedings
Report on IM2005
IM2004 Dennert Band Contents
2004 Bad Driburg Germany Report on IM2004
Preview of the Proceedings book

More lectures: see
IM2003 Proceedings IM2003 Contents 2003 Breukelen,
Netherlands Proceedings
Report on IM2003
IM2002 Proceedings IM2002 2002 Leamington Spa England Proceedings
Report on IM2002
IM2001 Proceedings IM2001 2001 München Germany Proceedings
Report on IM2001
IM2000 Proceedings IM2000 2000 Ede Netherlands Proceedings
Report on IM2000
IM1999 Proceedings IM1999 1999 Cambridge England Proceedings
IM1998 Proceedings IM1998 1998 Huttwil Switzerland Proceedings
Report on IM1998
IM1997 Proceedings IM1997 1997 Stein/Neurenberg Germany Proceedings
Report on IM1997
IM1996 Proceedings im1996 1996 Cambridge England Proceedings
Report on IM1996
IM1995 Proceedings IM1995 1995 Utrecht Netherlands Proceedings
Report on IM1995