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It is the intention that the contents of this page will be focused fully on calculating instruments of Dutch origin. 


A Dutch design from 2011 is the virtual slide rule by Olaf Veenstra: YASS = "Yet Another Slide rule Simulation"
This is a 3-D computer simulation of an existing type of slide rule, the Pickett N909-ES, to be executed on a PC. 

On internet one can find a number of slide rule simulations; these however work in 2 dimensions only. For example, an identical type Pickett N909-ES, designed by Derek Ross (YAVSR = "Yet Another Virtual Slide Rule").

The 3-dimensional Pickett slide rule by Olaf, in all details, can be viewed from any position in space, and is actually usable for calculations. 


Special properties :

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) has been used for the implementation. The free viewer plug-in by Bitmanagement Software has to be  installed. Off-line viewing is possible too.
Apart from mouse control, some keyboard shortcuts are available for moving or zooming of the slide rule (see picture at the left).
Zooming in is possible without loss of quality. 
The model of the N909-ES is realistic, but there is also an educational mode in which particular scales can be hidden, or a digital read-out is supplied. 
The backside is likewise realistic, with the conversions between physical units following the intuitive method of bi-directional arrows between the units in each pair.
All details of installation and usage can be found on the YASS website.














As general introduction to the Dutch slide rule manufacturer ALRO an MIR 41 article (in Dutch) 
"de algemene rekenschijven van ALRO"











A special medical application was the
"Klinische Rekencirkel van Dr. A. Lips", produced by ALRO. 

For a description of this calculating disc (in Dutch), see
the article in MIR 50 of april 2009, p. 33 - 38.

Have a look at the original manual of the Lips Rekencirkel, in Dutch.

This calculating disc can be manipulated virtually in the "LIPS" computer-animatie, designed by Peter Bloemendaal.



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