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Activities of the Circle


The Goals of the Dutch Circle

  1. Mutual support of members for collecting and research
  2. Promotion of public knowledge and awareness of the historical interest of
    the slide rule and other calculating instruments

These goals are being pursued by the following activities:

Publication of our magazine, the "MIR" (in Dutch: "Mededelingen en Informatie
betreffende Historische Rekeninstrumenten", translated:
"Announcements and Information for Historical Calculating Instruments").
This magazine is published 2 or 3 times a year
Organizing the Circle's yearly meeting for members to make and
follow agreements, new initiatives, swap slide rules, and just have
some pleasant talks in "Living Room Gatherings" at the home of individual
members (some times a year)
Administration of members and their coordinates (address list for the mutual
contacts, of which the data is explicitly provided by each Kring member only for
access by other members, and not by third parties).
Sharing of results and achievements by members, like publications in
books, "MIR" or other papers, presentations about own research or
experiences, sharing of lists of manufacturers catalogues, manuals,
books etc.
One of the best-known products of the Circle is the "Blue Book" of
Herman van Herwijnen, a very extensive catalogue of about 5500 slide rules,
with some 6000 colour pictures. The Blue Book has evolved into the online SR Catalogue
Maintaining contacts with collectors organizations abroad, especially in
Germany (www.rechenschieber.org), England (www.sliderules.org.uk) and
the USA (www.oughtred.org)
Organization of International Meetings for collectors of slide rules and other
calculating instruments (for example the first one in Utrecht in 1995,
and IM2000 in Ede, 2000, IM2003 in Amsterdam, 2003, and IM2007 in Lelystad, 2007)
Publicity directed to the public at large, e.g. by press interviews, or
presence at collectors fairs with a stand representing the Circle and
the collecting hobby

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Issuing a colour brochure at public events 
Construction and maintenance of the Circle Website
Group Email to Circle members, to broadcast announcements or questions within
the Circle (beginning 2009, about 94 % of all Circle members had access to Internet)

Anybody who is interested and who wants to share these activities,
is very welcome as member of the Dutch Circle. Ask more information!

Since 2012 the yearly contribution is 25.- euro. 


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