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Selected Links to other Websites on
Historical Calculating Instruments


Link groepen:

  1. Links to organisations

  2. Links to large collections

  3. Links to websites of KRING-members

  4. Links to  individual collectors

  5. Links to themes

  6. Links to commercial sites


Links to organisations

Otto van Poelje The easy internet address of the website of the Dutch Circle
Clark McCoy & Richard Davis The website of the American  Oughtred Society
Rod Lovett The website of the English UKSRC group
Peter Holland The website van de German RST group
Craig Kielhofer
Cyril Catt
Discussion group ISRG (International Slide Rule Group) on Internet with more than ten postings a day, searching on keywords and extensive information to download


Links to large collections

Ron Manley Very popular website of English collectorwith extensive and varied information, e.g. statistics of eBay prices realised until 2005
Rod Lovett Website of English collector of slide rules, with beautiful pictures and excellent search facilities in all Journals of the Oughtred Society and UKSRC Skid Sticks. Also the ISRG discussion posting can be searched over more than the four  past years.
Contains also many links sorted on subject.onder "Netresources" ook veel links gericht op onderwerp
Michael Konshak International Slide Rule Museum: collection of some  1000 slide rules, is host for other collectors Tom Dilatush, George Keane, Hubert van Dongen (NL), Adam Coleman, Tony Miller
Barbara Haeblinger Rechnerlexikon: Wikipedia-like catalogue, mainly mechanical calculators and logarithm tables (main language German, partly translated to English)
Wolf-G. Blümich Mechanische Rechenhilfsmittel (German)


Links to websites of KRING-members

Kees Nagtegaal My collection has more than a hundred mechanical calculators (Odhner, Brunsviga, Facit, Addiator, Produx, etc.), addingmachines (Comptometer, Burroughs, Plus, etc), counters (Durant, Record, Hengstler, Dux, etc), slide-rules (Aristo, Nestler,etc) etc. On other places you can find my books and manuals
Hans Bloemen I collect early electronic calculators since beginning of 2001. At first I started to collect old computers and all calculators I could get, but space ( I had over 1600 different calculators) forced me to decide that I had to specialize myself.  The key collection is the early nixie tube desktop calculators, early pocket calculators of the brands Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Litronix and the Russian brand Elektronika
Andries de Man Website of  Andries de Man with many transcriptions and references for "Original documents on the history of calculating instruments", like manuals, advertisements, patents, papers
David Rance David's personal website "David's Calculating Sticks", started in 2011. This site will put on display all of his slide rules, a "work in progress" for what is probably the largest collection in the Netherlands. In addition one can read here all of David's slide rule articles, on watermarked background


Links to  individual collectors

Eric Marcotte Website of a Canadian slide rule collector, nice and educating: many explanations, manuals and book reviews 
Giovanni Pastore
Website of a Italian slide rule collector, compact main page with very diverse sublinks
Dries Molen One other Dutch website on Slide Rules (and other subjects)
James Redin X-Number World of Calculators
David Riches Mathematical instruments, large collection of calculating and drawing instruments with many pictures
Greg Scott Neat website of Australian collector with his own collection of slide rules, and many downloads of manuals
Nigel Tout Vintage Calculators Web Museum, mechanical, electrical, electronic
Nathan Zeldes HOC: History of Computing (highlights)
Jörn Lütjens Jörns Online-Museum with emphasis on the abacus and the slide rule, but also shows the range of Aristo pocket calculators (German and English version)
Daniel Toussaint "Linealis", the first French website on slide rules, but also other subjects like planimeters. Attractive and educating, for example the list of names of more than 30 French manufacturers. To see the nice pictures one has to browse some levels deeper
Jorge Fabregas Zazza "Reglas de Calculo", Spanish website containing much information, scans, manuals in more than one language
Gonzalo Martin "PhotoCalcul", French website with many pictures from Gonzalo's collection of calculating instruments, focusing on French types like Graphoplex.
Early 2009 the interesting collection of old French slide rules of Etienne Pommel has been included, with a history survey of Tavernier Gravet and his predecessors
Hubert van Dongen Website of Hubert van Dongen, who has become an expert on Faber-Castell, having collected already quite some information, for example an extensive  “gross list”


Links to themes

Olaf Veenstra YASS: "Yet Another Slide rule Simulation": a 3-dimensional Pickett N909-ES trig & conversion rule simulation
Jan Meyer Die Gechichte der Rechenhilfsmittel (Duits)
David Hicks A favorite of this webmaster because of all those HP calculators, but contains also other calculating devices
Dick Lyon This Website is specialised in Otis King
Clark McCoy Contains many slide rule oriented page scans from Keuffel&Esser catalogs
IWA One of the few remaining firms producing slide charts
Martin Brenner The Pilot Balloon Web Resource


Links to commercial sites

eBay Largest slide rule auction on internet: eBay US has hundreds of slide rules on offer at any time
Walter Shawlee II Sphere Research - The Slide Rule Universe
Commercial, but also educating and very extensive website
Paul Ross The Slide Rule Trading Co.
Commercial website, interesting to see  American prices.
With extensive Sun-Hemmi catalogue

Rick Blankenhorn The Gemmary
Scientific Instruments and Books
Gilai Gilai Collectibles - Scientific and Medical Instruments
Astragal Press Publisher of books and facsimile volumes on tools and instruments

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