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Dutch Kring 25th Jubilee DVD 1992 - 2017

Kring 25th Jubilee DVD

The Dutch Circle for Historical Calculating Instruments has published a new DVD to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the KRING: 1992 - 2017. Already in 2007, a DVD was issued to celebrate the 15th anniversary. This new 25th anniversary DVD contains the full contents of the previous DVD, plus all the additional articles, papers, books that KRING-members have published over the last 10 years.

So again, like 10 years ago, the contents of the tri-annual KRING "MIR" periodicals are easily accessible: in high resolution per issue, or in lower resolution in a single file containing all 74 MIR issues over those last 25 years. This allows easy searching by keywords; but also today's powerful computers and large screens allow such easy and fast scrolling, that looking e.g. for particular images of slide rules in all MIR's becomes much faster than one could flip through the more than 2000 MIR pages in a paper binder. The MIR's are written mostly in Dutch, but by looking for pictures the foreign reader can easily identify an author to be contacted.

Apart from Dutch articles in MIR's, our KRING members have increasingly published English-language articles in other periodicals or media. The new DVD gives easy access to English language articles and books authored by KRING members, using consequently dual-language menus and descriptions.

For these reasons the new KRING 25th Anniversary 1992 - 2017 DVD is even more interesting to collectors worldwide than the previous issue in 2007. The remaining stock of 25th Anniversary 1992 - 2017 DVD's is available for sale at a price of 10 euro pp, excluding shipping (12.80 euro including shipping worldwide).

Please contact Otto van Poelje at: ovpoelje@rekeninstrumenten.org

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